Quotes about Investing

When the dust settles, I think Asia will come out ahead of the U.

We’re just very much a plain-vanilla, long-only investment fund. We like investments where the risk is time, not price.

Seek facts diligently. Advice, never.

Money managers have to account to their shareholders, which means they have an undue fear of underperformance.

By buying big – going narrow and deep, as opposed to diversifying – you maximize your success.

If the price is right, we are going to sell. I think that’s true of everything you have, except maybe your kids and possibly your wife.

Your best investment returns are from those ‘passion’ investments you hold on to and nurture over time.

Would you invest in the tortoise or the hare?

Bulls make money. Bears make money. Pigs? They get slaughtered.

The mother of all evil is speculation.