Alfred Angelo Attanasio quotesAlfred Angelo Attanasio (often abbreviated A. A. Attanasio) is an American Newark-born writer of science fiction books. He sometimes writes under the pseudonyms Adam Lee and Jonathan Sparrow.

A. A. Attanasio Famous Quotes:

“Silence is a text easy to misread.” 

Alfred Angelo Attanasio quotes

Some of his popular novels include:

Wyvern (1988), Hunting the Ghost Dancer (1991), Kingdom of the Grail (1992), The Moon’s Wife: A Hystery (1993), Solis (1994), Silent (1996), Centuries (1997), Hellbound (2001), Killing with the Edge of the Moon (2006), The Conjure Book (2007), Brave Tails: The Moon’s Prophecy (2009), Radix (1981), In Other Worlds (1984), Arc of the Dream (1986), The Last Legends of Earth (1989), The Dragon and the Unicorn (1994), The Eagle and the Sword (1997), The Wolf and the Crown (1998), The Serpent and the Grail (1999), The Dark Shore (1996), The Shadow Eater (1998), and Octoberland (1998).

Some of his short works include:

New Worlds 6 (1974), Nameless Places (1975), Epoch (1975), New Dimensions 7 (1977), New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (1980), The Year’s Best Fantasy Stories 12 (1986), Made in Goatswood (1995), The Disciples of Cthulhu (1996), The Best of Crank! (1998), The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams (1998), Measures of Poison (2002), Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy (2004), and Horrors Beyond 2 (2007).

Some of his essays include:

The Arts: Books (1983), In Responsibilities Begin Dreams (1986), Nude in the Garb Age (1989), and The Crow Theory (1998).

Some of his short novelettes include:

The Star Pools (1980) and Remains of Adam (1994)

Some of his short stories include:

Beowulf and the Supernatural (1971), Elder Sign (1972), Fungi (1972), Loup-Garou (1973), Once More, the Dream (1974), Interface (1975), Glimpses (1975), The Blood’s Horizon (1977), The Answerer of Dreams (1984), The Last Dragon Master (1984), Matter Mutter Mother (1984), Monkey Puzzle (1984), Nuclear Tan (1984), Over the Rainbow (1984), Sherlock Holmes and Basho (1984), Atlantis Rose (1989), Ink from the New Moon (1992), Maps for the Spiders (1992), Wax Me Mind (1993), The Dark One: A Mythograph (1994), A Priestess of Nodens (1995), Wolves (1997), Death’s Head Moon (2002), Zero’s Twin (2004), Demons Hide Their Faces (2004), “Investigations of the Fractal Blood Soul” (2005), Telefunken Remix (2006), Fractal Freaks (2007), Beastmarks (1984), and Twice Dead Things (2006).

Attanasio has been nominated for the following awards:

-Nebula Award, Best Novel nominee in 1982 for his novel “Radix”

-World Fantasy Award, Best Novel nominee in 1992 for his novel “Hunting the Ghost Dancer”

-British Fantasy Award, Best Novel nominee in 1995 for his novel “Arthor”

*The Publication Year is the year the first edition of a work was published.