Quotes about Soccer

Magisterial Messi showing again that he’s got chromosomes swimming around in that body of his that belong in a Bengal tiger.

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Ronaldo was sharper than a porcupine’s backside with that finish.

Ronaldo executes with extreme prejudice and prettiness.

Messi should play with a biohazard sign on the back of his shirt.

Messi is as elusive as a moonbeam.

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Ronaldo has the nerve of a safecracker.

This stadium gives you goosebumps the size of coconuts.

Lucas Vazquez sees the Dark Invader [Cristiano Ronaldo] arriving with the intimidating directness of a torpedo.

[On Real Madrid midfielder Kroos goal] Toni Kroos so cool with that finish.

On this wet pitch, defenders will be skating around like a three-legged giraffe on roller skates.